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Titanopsis calcareum (Concrete Leaf Living Stone) 5 Inch Live Succulent Mesemb

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Cool looking wart-like tubercles cover the leaves of this bizarre clumping succulent. Bright orange/yellow 1” wide blooms appear in late Fall & Winter. Titanopsis calcarea stays little growing only about 5" wide.  Native to limestone outcroppings in South Africa.These plants need very little water. They should be watered in the spring and fall then left dry in the winter and summer dormant cycle. Water only when the leaves begin to shrivel. They also need a lot of light and good ventilation. When mixing soil for Mesembs we recommend 15% Cactus soil and 75% pumice or perlite.
This is for one plant growing in a 6" inch container shipped bare root. All of our plants are grown in the beautiful Temecula Valley in sunny Southern California, and we ship within the United States. Shipping is done Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so plants don't get stuck at the Post Office over the weekend.
Any questions please ask.