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Tephrocactus articulatus var. papyracanthus aka Paper Spine Live Cactus in 4 Inch

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Origin and Habitat: Western Argentina
Stems: Tephrocactus articulatus develops in little pine-cone shaped segments that are loosely attached to each other and fall easily.
Spines: This is the spiny form (Tephrocactus articulatus var. papyracanthus) and has broad, raffia like, conspicuous , flattened spines which are not spines but thin ribbon like processes, and vary much as to their color, markings, and length.
Flowers: Blooms are either white or yellow. The white flowers made a nice contrast to the earth-tone colors of the plant.
Fruit: 1 to 5 cm long fruit is brown.

Notes: The little glochids at the areoles are quite a nuisance, and it is best to use gloves to handle this plant.
This is for a plant similar to the one in the pictures shown, growing in a 4" inch container shipped bare root.
All of our plants are grown in the beautiful Temecula Valley in sunny Southern California, and we ship within the United States. Shipping is done Monday through Friday.
Any questions please ask.

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