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Ferocactus pilosus in 8 Inch Live Cactus

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Origin and Habitat: Ferocactus pilosus is endemic to Mexico, where it occurs in the states of Coahuila, Durango, Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí, Tamaulipas, and Zacatecas. It occurs throughout much of the northern portion of the Mexican Altiplano and therefore is somewhat variable. This species is common. The estimated population size is more than 1,000,000 plants.
Habitat: This species is found in semi-desert on various soil types, but most often on rocky limestone hillsides. It is threatened by illegal collection of individuals from wild subpopulations. Removal of floral buds for human consumption could be affecting the populations.
Description: Ferocactus pilosus is a simple or clumping barrel/column cactus with thick red spines. In habitat plants must be a great age, often forming into quite massive groups, with several subsidiary barrels growing from the main one, with deep green bodies densely covered with bright red spines up its entire length. Most plants have bright red spines with bristle-like, white radials—a wonderful contrast, but in some populations the white bristles are occasionally absent. Such variation has led to establishment of several names for this species.
Stem: Columnar deep green up to 2,4(-3) m tall and 30 to 40 cm in diameter, with several subsidiary barrels growing from the main one.
Ribs: 13-20, compressed, more or less undulate.
Areoles: Distant to closely set and almost contiguous in older specimens, circular.
Radial spines: Sometime absent or usually reduced to long white or straw coloured hairs on the areoles that appears later with age.
Central spines: Several, subulate-acicular, stright or slightly curved, more or less flattened and angular at first bright red/purplish becoming dull yellow with age, but some populations also boast yellow-spined individuals, and the white bristles are occasionally absent.
Flowers: Yellow to red, about 2,5 cm long, scales on the ovary numerous, orbicular, imbricated, inner perianth segment oblanceolate, obtuse or apiculate.
Watering: It likes a winter's rest and should be kept completely dry during the winter months. From early spring onwards the plant will begin to grow and watering should be increased gradually until late spring when the plant should be in full growth. Water regularly during the aestival growth cycle so long as the plant pot is allowed to drain and not sit in a tray of water (this plant need plenty of water) But needs to be avoided wetting the bodies of these plants while they are in sunlight. A wet cactus in the sun light can cause sun burning which can lead to scars or even fungal infections and death. From late summer watering should be reduced to force the plant to go in to a state of semi dormancy, by autumn you should be back in to the winter watering regime. Keep dry with ample airflow in winter (but for outdoors cultivation it is somewhat resistant to wet conditions, too if grown in very draining substrate). In the rest period no high atmospheric humidity!! Care must be taken with watering as they tends to become swollen and untidy in growth habit if given too much water and shade.
Fertilization: Feed with a high potassium fertilizer in summer.
Hardiness: Keep dry at 41- 50° F in winter, but can tolerate sporadic light frost if kept on the dry side prior to, and during, cold weather.
Exposition: The plant tolerates very bright situations, if kept too dark they may become overly lush and greener and could be prone to rotting due to over watering. Strong light encourages flowering and heavy wool and spine production, but is likely to suffer from sun scorch or stunted growth if over exposed to direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day in summer. .

This is for one plant growing in a 8" inch container shipped bare root. All of our plants are grown in the beautiful Temecula Valley in sunny Southern California, and we ship within the United States. Shipping is done Monday thru Friday.
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