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Astrophytum myriostygma Fukuryu Hakujo Hakuun Live Cactus Growing in a 4 Inch

Astrophytum myriostygma Fukuryu Hakujo Hakuun Live Cactus Growing in a 4 Inch

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Astrophytum myriostygma 'Fukuryu Hakujo Hakuun' is a cultivar of the Astrophytum myriostygma species, which is a type of cactus native to Mexico. It's a unique and sought-after variation known for its striking appearance, characterized by its unusual and attractive markings on the cactus body.

Astrophytum myriostygma belongs to the Astrophytum genus, which includes several species of small to medium-sized cacti. The species 'myriostygma' is known for its multiple horizontal bands or lines that run across the cactus body. 'Fukuryu Hakujo Hakuun' is a selected cultivar of this species, known for specific traits.

This cultivar is highly prized for its intriguing and beautiful appearance. It features a distinctive pattern that often displays a mix of white or cream-colored patches, giving it a marbled or mottled appearance against the greenish background of the cactus.

Like other members of the Astrophytum genus, 'Fukuryu Hakujo Hakuun' tends to have a globular or spherical shape with ribs that are more pronounced as it matures. It grows relatively slowly compared to some other cactus species.

As with many cacti, it prefers a well-draining soil mix and requires adequate sunlight to thrive. It's essential to provide proper care, including sufficient watering during the growing season while allowing the soil to dry out between watering. Protecting it from prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures is also important.

Due to its unique appearance and limited availability, Astrophytum myriostygma 'Fukuryu Hakujo Hakuun' is considered a collector's item among cactus enthusiasts. It is highly sought after by collectors and hobbyists.

This particular cultivar is prized for its aesthetic appeal and can be a focal point in cactus collections or as a unique addition to ornamental plant displays.

This is for the plant shown growing in a 4" container shipped bare root. All of our plants are grown in the beautiful Temecula Valley in sunny Southern California, and we ship within the United States. Shipping is done Monday thru Friday. Heat packs are available at $3 each and they add a half pound to shipping weight.
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