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Agave victoria-reginae in 6 Inch Live Succulent

Agave victoria-reginae in 6 Inch Live Succulent

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This is for one plant growing in a 6" inch container shipped bare root.  All of our plants are grown in the beautiful Temecula Valley in sunny Southern California, and we ship within the United States. Shipping is done Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so plants don't get stuck at the Post Office over the weekend.

Any questions please ask.

Agave victoriae-reginae, the Queen Victoria agave or royal agave, is a small species Agave, noted for its streaks of white on sculptured geometrical leaves.

This agave is highly variable in form, but in general the rosettes are small and compact, growing to 0.5m, composed of short, rigid, thick leaves that are green with a pattern of distinctive white markings. The markings are generally along leaf keels or margins, giving a sort of polyhedral appearance. Marginal teeth are usually lacking, while the terminus of the leaf may include 1 to 3 spines, each 1.5–3 cm in length. Cream coloured flowers are borne in erect stalks up to 4m in length.

A. victoriae-reginae is found the Chihuahuan Desert in the Mexican States of Coahuila, Durango and Nuevo León, with about a half-dozen subspecies named.


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