Haworthia limifolia 4" Live Succulent
Haworthia limifolia 4" Live Succulent

Haworthia limifolia 4" Live Succulent

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Origin and Habitat: Mozambique, Swaziland, Republic of South Africa (Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal)

Common Names: File Leafed Haworthia, Fairies Washboard

Description: Haworthia limifolia is a charming species, with large rosettes. It obtained its name “limifolia” (File Leafed) from the distinctive, dark brownish-green leaves, with transverse ridges of raised, horny, tubercles which resemble those of a coarse file and give it such a distinctive appearance.
Rosettes: Stemless, solitary or slowly proliferating with or without stolons and forming clumps of up to 20 rosettes, each rosette being around 2 inches in diameter. The rosettes bear 12-30 broad triangular leaves giving them a characteristic pinwheel-like shape.
Note: Several robust clones, with larger rosettes up to 5 or 6 inches in diameter have been selected and propagated and a variegated form ( Haworthia limifolia f. variegata) is also known in cultivation.
Leaves: Triangular to ovate-lanceolate, spreading, very broad at the base light to very dark green and even brownish-green, opaque, scabrid with shining white or concolorous, pronounced tubercles often merging together into confluent transverse ridges, margins and keel scabrid or with teeth.
Inflorescence: Slender, up to 40 inches tall
Flowers: 15-20, slender. Tepals tips revolute. The flower's Structure, color and fruits are typical of the genus.

Cultivation and Propagation: Haworthia are of easy cultivation and relatively low maintenance, which makes them a good houseplant, and can be an excellent subject for the beginning succulentophile (they can grow easily on window sills, verandas and in miniature succulent gardens where they are happy to share their habitat with other smaller succulent plants, or in outdoor rockeries). Haworthias are winter growers and are dormant in the hottest summer months.
Growth rate: They are relatively fast-growing plants that offsets freely to form small clusters quickly.
Soil: They are tolerant of a wide range of soils and habitats, but prefer a very porous potting mix to increase drainage. A non-acid soil is ideal. You can grow a plant in a 6 inch pot for years and have perfectly happy plants.
Placement: The plant needs light shade to shade, but will take full sun part of the day. (with some sun exposure the leaf develops a nice reddish/black tint and remains compact).
Watering: During the hot summer months, the soil should be watered completely once it has gone completely dry.  Wet soil quickly causes root and stem rot, especially during chilly winter months. No water should ever be allowed to stand around the roots. Low ambient humidity is always recommended.
Fertilization: The plants are fertilized only once or twice during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer diluted to ½ the recommended strength.
Hardiness: Although the plant will survive mild frost if kept dry (hardy as low as 30° F) it should be protected from severe cold and prolonged frost conditions.
Rot: Rot is only a minor problem with Haworthia if the plants are watered and “aired” correctly. If they are not, fungicides won't help all that much. Care must be given in watering, keeping them warm and wet while growing, and cooler and dry when dormant.
Remarks: Haworthias are best planted in a shaded and airy part of the greenhouse, and not too close to the glass roof or sides of the house as the plants can overheat during hot spells.
Propagation: Haworthia are easily propagated by the removal of offshoots or by leaf cuttings in spring or summer. They can also be grown from seed.

This is for one plant growing in a 4" container shipped bare root.

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