Aloe brevifolia 4" Live Succulent
Aloe brevifolia 4" Live Succulent

Aloe brevifolia 4" Live Succulent

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Origin and Habitat: Aloe brevifolia is a coastal species and grows just north of Cape Agulhas, to the east of Cape Town (from Bredarsdorp to the Riversdale area).
Altitude range: It occurs from near sea level to about 500 feet.
Habitat: In nature Aloe brevifolia gets most of its rain in winter (6 inches per year). Grows on koppies, rocky ridges and slopes in heavy clay in stony ground. In the wild, this diminutive species is rapidly disappearing. Small populations are found growing on inaccessible rocky slopes and cliffs, especially near the coast, but it is thought that these are merely relics of what was once a much wider distribution. There are several subspecies, which are now separated from each other by farmland and other development. Plants are sensitive to frost and cannot survive for long under winter conditions.
Description: Aloe brevifolia is a compact, stemlesss rosette succulent. It has a warty appearance and can get nice and pink in the winter, it's however a variable plant. Forms compact mounds up to 16 inches in diameter with 10 or more rosettes. It was introduced into cultivation at the beginning of the eighteenth century. The dense clumps of rosettes of small deltoid glaucous blue leaves with distinct teeth and cartilaginous surface prickles in median line distinguish this species from all others in southern Africa. Aloe brevifolia is often confused with Aloe nobilis, but the latter is a green that reddens to orange, and rosettes are slightly larger.
Cultivation and Propagation: Aloe brevifolia is considered a Dwarf Aloe. Likes a very well drained soil in partial sun, but the leaves are more colourful in full sun. It is one of the more cold and moisture tolerant aloes. It can also took the rainy periods fine too without becoming mushy and dying. Frost resistant, min temp 26 degrees F. This dwarf aloe is increasingly popular as an ornamental plant for pots and rockeries.
Exposure: In cultivation it should be planted in a reasonably sunny position.
Soils: Grow it in well-drained soil. Prefers alkaline soil.
Water requirements: It requires only moderate watering and should not be kept perpetually damp. It should be remembered that it is adapted to the Mediterranean climate of the Western Cape, with its winter rainfall regime.
Uses: In warm climates it can be massed for use as a ground cover, or used as a clump amongst other plants. Because of its size it makes a excellent edging plant in the dry garden. It also does well as a potted specimen.
Propagation: Seeds and offsets. To harvest offsets from a clumping aloe, cut small ones loose from the edge of the cluster at ground level, rather than from the center, which might damage tightly packed leaves and create a gap that compromises the mound's symmetry. It is easily rooted in potting soil with warmth.
These plants are seed grown from a domestic stock and are growing in 4" containers. This is for one plant shipped bare root.

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