Aloe blizzard 4" Live Succulent
Aloe blizzard 4" Live Succulent

Aloe 'blizzard' 4" Live Succulent

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Aloe 'Blizzard' is a small and beautiful succulent. It grows upright with light green leaves that have many white inclusions. Due to this it appears to be white with green highlights at times. It can grow to be about 8 inches tall and pups babies very regularly. Stress causes the white areas to turn a shade of brown. The flowers grow on a tall stalk and are coral colored. USDA hardiness zones: 10a to 11b, from 30 F to 50 F
This is for one succulent plant growing in a 4" container shipped bare root. It may not be the exact succulent but it will be very similar to the pictures.
Available for local pickup in New River Arizona (North of Phoenix) or shipping within the United States. Shipping is done Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so plants don't get stuck at the Post Office over the weekend.
Any questions please ask.

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