About Us and Our Journey to Phoenix Rising Succulents

About Us and Our Journey to Phoenix Rising Succulents

Our names are Matt and Amanda. We started growing succulents and cacti many many moons ago. We ended up growing so many we decided to start sharing our babies. In 2016 we opened NorCal Succulents in Paradise, CA. For 2 and a half years we were honored to share beautiful cacti and succulents with our neighbors. Then on November 8th 2018 the Camp Fire tore through our town leaving our nursery and home in ashes. With just the clothes on our backs and a lot of prayers said we decided to move and rebuild in the Phoenix Arizona area. We were able to find a place in New River AZ and reopened our doors as Phoenix Rising Succulents spring of 2019. We came up with this name after many hours and days of brainstorming names and checking with the powers that be as to availability. This name really stood out and quickly we fell in love with it. We are now as of this time at 2000 sqft of greenhouse and still growing rapidly. We are in 5 farmers markets this winter season and we are busy as ever. Thank you for being interested in our story and checking out our page. Also, we would love to thank everyone that was there with us through this rebirth, we couldn't have done it without you! Ok enough of this sappy stuff lets get back to the plants :)


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